Adventures with – Cheyenne White

It’s Monday, doesn’t everybody hate Monday’s?

Well let me try to make this horrid day a little better and introduce to you, Cheyenne. I met her over the weekend in the Kansas City area and shot with her; a part of the Silver Dreams Expose. One of the dopest chicks I met up there. She’s an Oklahoma girl with a vintage style that I just dig; high waisted shorts and a tube top.

She went exploring through the woods and walked down the open roads barefoot. A little dare devil she is. I was scared for her just shooting her on the edge of the freeway like that. She’s fearless though. Girl got some balls.

Enjoy the the shoot!



“Let it be” a good motto is have in life. No need to dwell on anything.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Ah, she’s bout to fall


Lol. Just Kidding


Got mail?ImageImage

Guess not. *shrugs*ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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