Selfie Sessions #SelfieSunday w/ Maggie Nguyen

I handed Maggie my Sony RX-100 to mess with at the end of our shoot today.

I always tell her to take some selfies for me ever since the first time we shot.

So she wanted to conclude our day of shooting with some selfie shots while she messed around on her Mac Book webcam laying around on her carpet listening to Banks, Noosa, Say Lou Lou & SZA. Vibing.

I’ll post up the pictures from our actual shoot a little later.

In the meantime, keep yourself occupied with these shots.

DSC07766 DSC07767

DSC07770 DSC07774DSC07776DSC07798 DSC07795 DSC07794 DSC07793 DSC07792 DSC07791 DSC07789

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