Selfie Sessions – Madison Goerend

I never got around to editing these until now.

I used to love giving my friends my point-and-shoot camera to go and practice their poses/facial expressions to get more comfortable to shoot. (but she didn’t need to practice though lol) Or just fuck around with it and do stupid faces and have fun. And plus I love selfies lol, I think they’re cute.

So these are from when I first met Madison, I let her borrow it the first day we met after we shot for the first time. Which was one of my favorite shoots til this day. We just clicked on a great human and artistic level. One of the dopest girls I’ve ever met. I’m glad I met her because she really motivated me to start shooting more and we both progressed a whole lot with each other since we’ve met.

Right when we met we just had great vibe, we were like twins with our mindset. Thought the same way artistically. Good conversations about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. Just an instant connection. Soulmates, man lol. Which is why she is one of my best friends now. The greatest model/photographer duo.

I need to start doing selfie sessions again.


_DSC7975 _DSC7986

_DSC7996 _DSC7997

Set 1 –

_DSC8006 _DSC8009 _DSC8013 _DSC8014 _DSC8015 _DSC8017 _DSC8018 _DSC8019 _DSC8027 _DSC8028 _DSC8029 _DSC8034 _DSC8035 _DSC8036

Set 2 –

_DSC8063 _DSC8064 _DSC8070 _DSC8071 _DSC8073 _DSC8074 _DSC8078 _DSC8079

Set 3 –

_DSC8091 _DSC8092 _DSC8094 _DSC8098

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