Allison Doreen – Linwood Park Baseball Diamond

The reason the subject matter I choose to shoot is women most of the time is because I feel as if art is all about perspective and I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not that woman’s sexuality is a currency like some others choose to believe. I want to empower women to be comfortable in their own skin. Everyone deserves to feel sexy. People shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

It is how I see these photos from my point of view. The viewer might see just another picture of a woman but what I see as a photographer is connecting with another human being and being able to capture them in a way they might not even see of themselves before. To me, it is about encouraging to go against what society might want to label my pictures as and fighting human insecurities, being able to see yourself as beautiful the way you haven’t been able to see yourself before.¬†Portrait photography to me is about capturing people with your eye and showing people how you see what you see.

Allison coaches little league baseball, so I wanted to do our shoot on a baseball diamond to show that part of her life. During the shoot I asked her how was it to coach little kids and remember her saying it was uncomfortable at times because the dads of the kids on her team sometimes hit on her. So I wanted to go against that and do this kind of shoot with the stigma of a woman’s sexuality.

I want my art to mean something and it is hard to communicate that when some people just see my picture and it is just another picture of a girl. It’s my way of telling a story with my art. Everything means something to me.

All I can do is explain my perspective through my artwork. I’ll have to explain it better.

I want to empower sexuality and not add shame to it.

I want photographers to put more thought into their content rather than just putting out a bunch of meaningless photographs and just trying to sell sex.

I just feel I had to write something like this after having a talk with another photographer friend of mine feeling the same way, misunderstood.

Photography is an over-saturated media nowadays and things aren’t done with thought. I hope people are doing it for the right reasons. Find your passion and do it for a reason.

Artists just want to be understood, huh.


35mm Film


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