Laundry day at Huntington & Newport Beach w/ Nicole Holt

Nicole showed me around Orange County for my first shoot in California. We discussed doing a shoot at the laundromat. Met up with her at Beach City Laundry and got our day started. Hung out there and got into the dryer cycle.

After a wardrobe change we went to Huntington Beach and walked around looking for a place to grab some lunch. Got burgers at TK and then walked to the pier and found some colorful windmills to play with.

Then we drove down to road to Newport Beach and did a final wardrobe change as we walked the pier at Newport during sunset and smoked a joint at the end of the pier next to the fishermen.

To end our day we got some shaved ice and she got cold so I gave me my BEEHIVE t-shirt to put on. She wore my t shirt as a dress. Cute.


We took pictures in various formats – Digital SLR, Mobile Phone, 35 mm film, and Polaroids

Digital –

35mm film –

Polaroid 600 –

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